HempFlax was founded in the Netherlands in Odee Pekela in 1994. We run our own farms of Hemp and flux and do primary and secondary processing. "Hemp flux Romania" was also established in 2012 to expand its scale. With the concept of "Nature Wins!”, we have been working to improve the quality and technology of natural fiber products.
HempFlax nonwoven fabric has been adopted as interior decoration of major European automobile manufacturers such as Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, Bentley, Bugatti. As of 2017, we supply more than 10,000 tons of raw materials and other products from our own 2,500 ha farm. With 20 years of research and development, HEMPFLAX is now a leading company in the hemp industry in Europe. Mr. Mark Reinders, CEO of the company, is also a representative of the European Industrial Hemp Association.

HEMP Non Woven


HempFlax Non-woven fabrics are made from high-quality, 100% natural industrial hemp and/or flax fibre. These semi-finished products can be an excellent alternative to glass fibre, for example. Combined with polymers, these fibres are extremely strong, durable and very light. They can be used in ecological car parts and to remarkably reduce the weight of vehicle body.

Nature 50 HEMP + PP Injection Molding Pellet

Nature 50 - HEMP Fiber 50%, PP 46%, PEWAX 4% - is a pellet for injection molding. Compared to the molded product PC ABS GF 20, it is possible to reduce weight by up to 20%, and it has equivalent mechanical properties in terms of strength, shrinkage factor, etc… Its surface has a unique pattern and looks distinctively luxurious.

ISO HEMP Block / HEMP Insulation

HempFlax Building material developed for a healthy and pleasant living environment, contain no toxic substances.They are manufactured using only natural and healthy materials to minimize irritation to the skin and respiratory organs.Besides traditional construction techniques, our product is ideal for timber frame constructions. When these materials are used in 'vapour-permeable' building constructions, the unique qualities of this natural product become even more enhanced.We are selling insulating materials, blocks, and lime (for mixing) and shive of hemp (raw materials) for making youroriginal building materials.